Breaking Ground at Inverness Way Residence

Jul 13, 2016 by Hiromi Ogawa

Demolition is under way at the Inverness Way Residence in Sunnyvale. The existing ranch-style home is down to studs! The new home will have a larger, open living/dining/kitchen area, which we expect to be the hub of activity for our clients. The front of the house will get a new entrance and library/guest room; the rear addition is a master suite that faces the back yard and patio. We're so excited to see this project take shape.

Featured on Houzz: Know Your Flooring: Linoleum, Vinyl, and Rubber

Jul 5, 2016 by Hiromi Ogawa

Fresh off the press from Houzz Australia...

The 12th Street Residence gets a lot of attention for its rubber flooring in the kitchen. The project has been featured in numerous Houzz articles in the past, and there seems to be a steady stream of interest in soft, sustainable flooring that is easy to maintain.

But that's not the first time we've used rubber flooring - the kitchen and mudroom at the Stannage Avenue Residence is also rubber, although you can't see much of it in the final photos.